UU Revisited

Literally: we’ve now gone to service two Sundays in a row now at the local UU church. Getting into Portland was a hassle, and I think I want to make the investment into the actual, local community.

Local, I’m finding, is important. I don’t quite feel like I fit in at the UU, but going into Portland didn’t fix that. Also, our primary issue with the local UU was that we felt out of place as a couple in our 30s, but there’s a “young adult” group forming that should help with that.

Sunday’s service was on the theme of happiness. The speaker talked about ways in which we can choose to be happier, including things like giving up worry and perfectionism. It would be easy for me to sit there and say “sure, maybe you can, but I have OCD and that’s part of my illness.” And that would be entirely true, and there have been days when recognizing that I have an illness is all I can do.

But there are days when I, personally, can do more. There are days when I let complaints about other things take up time when I could be doing productive stuff. There are times I am more interested in snarking than in educating. And for me, personally, I don’t think that’s the best solution. I feel better when I’m writing; I should be writing instead of doing things that feed the brain raccoons.

What, exactly, I should be working on is still something of a mystery. It’s one I’m happily pursing, however. I have ideas. I’m making… well, I think it’s progress. I guess time will tell.

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  1. For quite some time I was working on weekends, which made getting to church tricky, but the Young Adult potluck that meets monthly became my connection. Now my schedule’s changed, and I’m going to church more, definitely glad I kept that connection up.
    A lot of times talk of “choosing X” (which UU churches do a lot of) has assumptions behind it, often privileged ones, but I try to cut them a little slack, because lord knows I make clueless privileged assumptions too, and not everything can be tailored to everyone’s specific needs. I understand the OCD thing though. My mom has OCD, and I’m Asperger’s so part of the “family” so to speak.

    • Yeah, I’m trying to let go of getting hung up on shit and just… focus on their well-meaning-ness, take what I can from it, and so on. We’ve got a fairly new YA group that we just started going to and so far it seems hopeful – there’s even talk of having a D&D campaign!

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